The Breast

1972 novella The Breast written by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Philip Roth is a story about a man who suddenly physically transforms into a giant 155 pound breast. A simultaneous journey into both revulsion and fascination, the text is crammed full of the straight up bizarre, the sexually repressed, the infuriatingly mad—Freudian theorists would have field day: a nipple as a penile proxy? Please have a seat on my couch and do tell—and makes the reader wonder, what the hell was Roth thinking? Clearly modeled after other absurdist texts (Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Gogol’s The Nose are actually mentioned by name), The Breast purposefully crams a lot of crap in its short 96 pages. Interested in seeing for yourself? No, really, you shouldn’t, but if you do find yourself with the unquenchable throb of curiosity (I’m sorry), then check out the links below.

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