Tammy and the T-Rex

I think its pretty safe to say that this is the strangest film we’ve watched here on the Pursuit of Crappiness. Sure, The Room and Birdemic were awful, but they didn’t have an animatronic T-Rex riding around in the back of a dump truck trying to find a new body to put his stolen soul into. What’s worse is that there just isn’t a lot about this movie on the internet, leaving us to speculate how this could piece of crap was made. We know that there is an Italian R-rated version floating around the internet somewhere. We also know that it was made in 1994 in the wake of the Jurassic Park craze. Other than that, this movie is a mystery. Check it out in the YouTube link below – you won’t regret it.

Links/Additional Reading:

Seriously, that’s all we have…. Someone call up Denise Richards and get some details!


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