Episode 6 – Bad Songs

Grab your Beats by Dre and pump up the bass! You’ll definitely regret it!

This month, the PoC Crew examines not one, NOT two, BUT THREE bad songs guaranteed to make you think “Oh yeah, I forgot about that song!”. Travel back to 1985 with Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Starship and their incredible synth anthem “We Built this City”. Then, go back three more years to a time when a white man could write a hit song about Africa, a country he has only seen through UNICEF ads. That’s right, we are blessing rains with Toto’s “Africa”. Finally, remissness on the YouTube sensation Rebecca Black and her hit song “Friday”. It is really as bad as you remember it. Hey, Nickelback doesn’t seem so bad now, right? (LOL, no they still suck).

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