Once in awhile, if one is up for the thrill, a person will stumble across a spectacularly crappy specimen of culture that is so terrible, so wince-inducing, and so hideous that, when consumed, will immediately plunge the viewer into a flustered paroxym of disgust, a confused state of shock, and a rabid cycling through the 5 stages of grief (“Something this bad cannot possibly exist”, “Maybe, maybe if I close my eyes this won’t exist?”, “I’m so depressed that this actually exists” , etc.), ending with, finally, a state of stunned amazement. And so, so many questions.

What just happened?

Did that just happen?

Who could have let that happen?

We at the podcast Pursuit of Crappiness have made it our sole mission to find those pieces of crap in life for our listeners and answer those questions. On the first of every month, we’ll discuss some film, TV, book, event, (or anything really) that is so bad it melts our faces off—Raiders of the Lost Ark-style—and then take an objective look at its story and creation. Want to join in on the fun? Be sure to tune in and follow us on Twitter @CrapPodcast.



John Hogue

“Data Scientist, Photographer, Bicyclist and Adventurer.” Twitter: @dreyco676


Beryl Zhao

“Proud English major sell out. Chick lit writer with marketing day job starting to try again. Writing, I mean. Somehow this will all work out.” Twitter: @berylliumzhao


Emma Wick

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